EXPO 2025 recommends using NIPPON EXPRESS

The organizer (Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition) recommends using NIPPON EXPRESS for delivering to EXPO venue. In addition, designated NIPPON EXPRESS as on-site cargo handler.


A global logistics partner is essential to ensure the reliable delivery of cargo for EXPO 2025. This is because huge amounts of goods & supplies to be delivered from all over the world to Osaka, Kansai at once.

NIPPON EXPRESS is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services, with a long history in the Exhibition and Event industries.


Our dedicated team, founded for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, has a good understanding of the organization and time-critical nature of this business. Our strength is to work closely with our clients to manage many processes related to overall operational management of domestic/international freight, logistics, and events.


NIPPON EXPRESS provides original advantages


NIPPON EXPRESS is uniquely positioned to provide participants with methods of operation which align with outside & inside of the EXPO 2025 site.

NX Group supports EXPO 2025 including the development of logistics operating plans and the EXPO 2025 Logistics and Customs Guide.

NIPPON EXPRESS has dedicated team of managers embedded within "Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition".

The service quality associated with NIPPON EXPRESS will be executed by our dedicated team of drivers and venue personnel.


NIPPON EXPRESS creates value to participants


Insight gained from operating on the past EXPOs in Japan.

Competitive rates (NIPPON EXPRESS door-to-door rates include the last mile delivery in the venue)

Lower risk (dedicated onsite management team at EXPO 2025 with enough resources; compliant with EXPO 2025 customs processes)

Ease of use (direct contact with origin & destination NIPPON EXPRESS teams and also NX Group)

Peace of mind – NIPPON EXPRESS will manage all door-to-door shipments seamlessly, including cargo trace system.


NIPPON EXPRESS enables customs clearance formalities are completed for international shipments as per pre-defined requirements & agreements.

NIPPON EXPRESS services align with clearance options available for EXPO 2025 participants. (e.g. Bonded Warehouse in Osaka)

NIPPON EXPRESS is your trusted advisor on EXPO 2025 customs processes.

NIPPON EXPRESS can offer stand-alone clearance and delivery even for non-NX Group shipments.

NIPPON EXPRESS can facilitate EXPO 2025 participant’s reverse logistics providing advice regarding disposal, donation and de-commissioning.


NIPPON EXPRESS has a legacy of successfully delivering the logistics for global mega-events. In close cooperation withthe organizing committees, NIPPON EXPRESS has a unique perspective into what makes event logistics successful. This experience and knowledge will ensure the success of EXPO 2025’s logistics operations.


Our experiences:

1.The official designated logistics supplier of previous World Expos in Japan. (Aichi 2005, Osaka1990, Tsukuba 1985, Okinawa 1975, Osaka 1970)

2.The designated logistics supplier of previous Olympic Games in Japan. (Nagano 1998, Tokyo 1964)

3.The organizer designated NIPPON EXPRESS for the logistics supplier of World Sports Events in Japan. (2019 Rugby World Cup, 2007 Osaka IAAF World Championships in Athletics, 2002 FIFA World Cup ….etc) 

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