Railway transport

At a time when the company faces increased pressure on the efficiency and flexibility of its supply chains, rail freight offers an optimized way of delivering goods, which offers a shorter transit time than shipping and at a lower cost than aviation. Nippon Express provides its customers with extensive transportation services across the China-Europe rail link for both container and pickup shipments.

Rail transport is also very environmentally friendly and reduces overall CO2 emissions. The number of trains dispatched, in terms of customer interest, is growing year-on-year. From 2011 to 2017, the number of train crews that were dispatched has doubled.


Our services:

  • Door to door, import / export, transportation of all-container and pick-up items
  • Regular departures according to fixed transport schedules with renowned partners
  • Logistics teams specialized in train transport in China and Europe
  • The possibility of specialized transport, eg. temperature controlled containers, open top containers, and so on.


Benefits for our customers:

  • Acceleration of logistics chain, transit time 14-18 days from terminal to terminal
  • Increased planning reliability due to fixed prices (when compared to shipping)
  • Reducing the burden on the environment
  • Tracking of consignments by regular reporting or by means of so- GPS logger

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