Ocean Transport

Traditionally Nippon Express has provided its clients with high quality ocean transportation services employing only the most reliable and experienced international shipping companies.

Container transportation is the most popular means of transporting goods by sea. In addition to traditional containers Nippon Express is able to arrange transportation using high cube and open top containers for cargo which exceeds the dimensions of standard containers. If the cargo requires a stable temperature then reefer containers, equipped with an aggregate which controls the internal temperature, can easily be arranged. The advantage of container transport is that the client has the option to combine a number of transport modes (truck, vessel, railway etc.) which allows the consignment to be picked up at the shipper┬┤s door and delivery directly to the consignee┬┤s warehouse or factory. Our clients are able to take advantage of our highly competitive global rates which our headquarters has been able to negotiate over the years thanks to the huge cargo volumes processed by Nippon Express.

In addition, we offer consolidation services for those clients whose shipments are not able to fill a whole container. This economic means of transportation is particularly popular with many of our customers since they pay freight charges based only on real weight or volume. Our consolidation services provide a number of other advantages, such as regular schedules which help clients to more easily estimate lead times and thus optimise the planning of material flows. Naturally, we provide the high quality consulting services you would expect of a large experienced company for the planning of the best transport solution for you, i.e. a comprehensive conveyance package including pick-up, customs brokerage services, insurance as well as on-time delivery to the consignee.

Principal advantages of ocean transport:

  • all types of containers can be transported
  • general cargo transport via consolidation
  • export and import
  • prepaid and collect
  • port-to-port and door-to-door
  • tracing of shipments via the internet
  • customs clearance
  • transport insurance
  • easily understandable all-inclusive rates

Speed and zero fault tolerance standards of service are guaranteed by more than 730 Nippon Express subsidiaries in 49 countries worldwide.

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