Nippon Express opens European Cross Dock Center in Rotterdam

Nippon Express (Nederland) B.V. recently opened the European Cross Dock Center, an import/export ocean cargo CFS facility in the Maasvlakte district of the Port of Rotterdam. A "next-day transfer service" for small-lot ocean cargo shipped from Japan/Asia to Europe was begun on April 1, and use of this Center for next-day transfer of arriving cargo to locations throughout Europe means a one- to three-day reduction in transport times.

The Dutch government has given priority to measures aimed at developing the Port of Rotterdam's Maasvlakte district, and it is expected to set up Europe's largest container terminal there to make the district a new ocean gateway to Europe. NE Nederland early on took note of the shift of berths for large vessels to this district and its convenient location vis-à-vis other means of transport, and became the first forwarder to set up operations in the district.

NE Nederland previously carried out import/export ocean cargo CFS operations within the city of Rotterdam, but the port district location of the European Cross Dock Center, designed specifically for CFS operations, frees the Center from the impact of yard congestion and road conditions and makes it possible to set schedules for container delivery times. 

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