Nippon Express (UK) and Nippon Express (Canada) transport the composite wings of the latest Bombardier passenger aircraft

Nippon Express (U.K.) Co., Ltd. (NEUK) and Nippon Express (Canada) Co., Ltd. (NE Canada) received an order and then transported the composite wings of the latest CSeries aircraft developed by Bombardier (Montreal, Canada).
Bombardier is the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, and the CSeries is the company’s next major aircraft project. NEUK and NE Canada have developed a joint sales initiative in order to acquire the transport operations related to this project. These two group companies presented a proposal that offered high-quality transport services using Japanese management methods that met the strict conditions distinctive to the aviation industry, which was decisive in their winning the order.
On December 19, 2014, the composite wings for one aircraft were transported as the first shipment. The wings were shipped via land and marine transport from the manufacturing plant in Belfast, Northern Ireland and delivered to Bombardier's plant in Quebec, Canada on January 14, 2015. There were a number of difficult issues along the way, such as a change in the transport route and the delay of a ferry due to bad weather in Northern Ireland, and an extremely cold temperature of -27 degrees Celsius in Canada; however, staff members worked together to successfully complete the operation.
Managing Director of NEUK and President of NE Canada stated, “We made a strong effort to establish good relations with Bombardier and the operating company by positioning the staff of NEUK in Northern Ireland. Moreover, we were able to achieve success by making thorough preparations through collaboration with the Sales Planning Division and Nittsu Research Institute and Consulting, Inc.”
NEUK and NE Canada will leverage the achievements of this project and will continue to provide high-quality services to customers in the aviation industry.

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