The Düsseldorf Branch of Nippon Express (Deutschland) becomes the first Japanese company to participate in Supply Chain Day

Supply Chain Day, an event organized by a German logistics organization, was held last April at the Düsseldorf Branch office of Nippon Express (Deutschland). This event is the largest logistics event in Germany, and logistics companies become hosts for the event in order to introduce their services and facilities. Nippon Express (Deutschland) was the first Japanese company to become a host fort this event.
Although Nippon Express has a long corporate history, a world-class global network and has succeeded in many large projects around the world, the company’s name is still not recognized globally. There were even many times when Nippon Express staff members were refused sales visits. Participation in this event is one of the efforts promoted by the German staff to change this situation and promote recognition of the Nippon Express brand.
Approximately 80 people participated on the day of the event, including university professors, consultants, university students, customers of Nippon Express (Deutschland) and business people from non-Japanese companies interested in Nippon Express. The advanced logistics services offered by Nippon Express were introduced through presentations by the German staff, a warehouse visit and a social gathering. Afterwards, a local newspaper posted an article on the event and the number of inquiries from non-Japanese companies has risen.
Nippon Express (Deutschland) plans to host similar events in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and other areas. Fifty years have passed since Nippon Express first expanded into Germany, and the German staff is leading the way for the progress of the company.

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